Tips on Short Haircuts for Little Girls

Little girls hairstyles
BOHO Bambina for little girls

Are you looking to save time and money while giving your daughter a fresh look? You needn't go to the salon to trim or cut your daughter's hair. We all know that young age is a wonderful period of life and we can experiment a little with our daughters' looks and hairstyles.

The choice of haircuts we make for our kids could go a long way in affecting their confidence and self-esteem. Haircuts should be comfortable enough for everyday use; so check out these short haircuts for little girls’ tips below.

How to cut Medium/ Long Hair

Give your daughter an adorable look by cutting her hair into medium length.

Use a wide tooth comb to split hair into top and back sections as follows:

- Divide hair from the back of one ear to the other, over the top of the head. The hair in front is the top section.

- Divide the remaining bottom section from one ear to the other, into a one inch thick horizontal section. Clip bottom section up.

- Run a fine tooth comb through the bottom section to make sure all the hair is going in the same direction and divide into a right and left section.

- Cut the right section first; hold the hair in your other hand and trim half of the desired length in a right to left motion.

- To cut the left side, pull over a small section of the already trimmed hair from the right side as a length guide and cut making sure both sections are of the same length.

- Drop the next section above, then run a fine tooth comb through both layers and cut the length of the section matching that of the bottom section. Divide into a left and right section; repeat this for all horizontal sections.


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How to cut Short Hair

This gives your daughter a boyish, trim look.

Cutting the top/front section:

- Using a wide tooth comb; divide the hair, then clip into sections.

- Comb out a rectangle from the forehead to the crown to create a top, leaving a section right on both sides above the ears.

- Split the back of hair into a four section grid. Allow the top section fall down and take a very thin strand from the left side and comb it straight up using a fine tooth comb.

- Cut 1/4 inch off; moving left to right and back to front, cutting half inch of the front line.

Cutting the back section:

- Bring down the top left back section and use part of the already cut top section as a length guide to cut. Move from right to left; not allowing 1/4 inch thickness for the section.

- Repeat this from bottom left, top right and bottom right sections.

- Continue by splitting the left side section of hair into smaller horizontal sections.

- Cut off 1 – 1/4 inch from right to left; repeat this process for the section on the right side.

- Finish by combing the front hairline section forward and trim to desired length.