Common Rhinoplasty Issues

Rhinoplasty is referred to as a nose job by several people. It is one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeries and sometimes, the reasons for a nose job are more medical than cosmetic! The love for rhinoplasty is understandable given the fact that he nose is one of the imposing parts of anybody's face. Hence, definitions of facial beauty will more often than not focus on the nose too, as an integral part of beauty!


Jessica Biel and Megan Fox have one thing in common; they have noses admired by women as being perfect. There is little wonder in this; on close scrutiny of their faces, the two beauties indeed have well-chiselled, proportionate noses.

The following are some of the reasons why people choose to have their noses changed through plastic surgery:

1. Depressed nose condition

The area along the bridge of the nose has a dent which can make one's nose appear less attractive. In some quarters, the condition is referred to as a "ski nose".

A rhinoplasty will often be handled through introduction of an implant to fill in the gap caused by the ridge. Septal cartilage may also be used if this is necessary.

2. A wide, large nose

When you have such a nose, it will be imminent regardless of the position from where one is looking at it; both from the side and front.


If you have a thick skin covering the nose, there may only be so much that the surgeon can achieve in his attempt to make it appear thinner.


If the width is due to the bone structure underneath, the doctor may be at a bit more liberty to influence the cartilage and give you the nose of your dreams.

3. A nasal tip that projects too far

This can make your nose appear like a "beak" and many women and men opt for plastic surgery to correct the issue. A nasal tip that sticks out more than it should could make your nose appear bigger than it really is. The surgeon can either choose to raise the nasal bridge to make the tip appear less jutted out or act on the tip itself, scaling it down.

4. An irregular-looking nasal tip

This is a problem that would make your nose appear crooked which is something you can change. One side of the tip can appear smaller, longer or even higher than the other side. The shape of your nose depends largely on the cartilage tissue that lies beneath.

A surgeon will thus manipulate the cartilage to impact on the overall shape of your nose.

Injuries and genetic factors are the main reasons why some could have an irregularly shaped nasal tip.

Ashley Tisdale is said to be one beneficiary of nose job and for sure, her after pics tell a good story of an effective procedure.


It is important to understand your condition so that you do not expect too much from a rhinoplasty procedure.

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