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There are several repositories which are known to be compatible with the Cydia app store. The repos contain plenty of great, exciting applications, themes, tweaks and games. With the closure of Installous came the creation of several other alternatives from many other third party developers. The alternatives provide for many different apps of similar functionality as Installous.


One of the most recognized and widely used alternatives to Installous is the Zeusmos app. The app has received tremendous response from several other Cydia apps like the AppCake, vShare Panda App and many more. Zeusmos gives iOS gadget owners the chance to download and install several free apps and to customize their phones with great ringtones and themes which would have otherwise cost them a premium on other repositories.


Many iOS devices and iPhones have been on the praise by the larger mobile community and many of the Apple device owners. With the need and innovation in technology, the Apple manufacturers have come up with superior devices and platforms which have improved most users experience with their devices.


The trend has changed however due to the invention of iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Some developers realized that some tweaks and apps were not compatible with the newly launched platforms. The incompatibility of the devices came with the jailbreaking of the devices in order to open and make them free for customization.


The Zeusmos app is known to work well with iOS devices like the iPhone 4S, 4, 5 and iPads. Including platforms like iOS6 and iOS7. However, the app doesn't run well on iOS 5 platforms.


Every iOSdevice user through the Cydia app store and several repos including BigBoss and Zeusmos, would want to customize their gadgets to enhance their experience with their devices.


Some of the apps that can run successfully on an iOS 6 platforms include the Adblocker. The app is useful especially if you intend to frequent the web. Since there are several advertisements on web some of which may not amuse you and tend to pop up every time you use your device, you may need to turn them off in order to enjoy browsing on your device. The app is simple to use. However it comes with a small fee of $1.99.


If you are looking for an app which can appeal notifications on the screen of your iOS6 platform, then the LockInfo is the best app to install on your device. The app includes notifications such as messages, emails and weather.

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