An Amazing Weight Loss Transformation!

Weight loss

I remember that my friend, Linda, had always struggled with weight issues. Ever since our elementary school days, she had been the target of bullies who took fun in being cruel to others. As the years went by, she started to seek ways of cutting down her weight-with little success. At one point in high school, she even had to be rushed to the hospital after fainting in class because of starvation.

She went to a different college but we would still see each other often. This is where being overweight really seemed to get to her. Linda found a few men to hit on her, but they were never serious. Many young guys are not attracted to overweight girls and this explained why she remained unlucky in the love department.

I encouraged Linda to try changing her lifestyle and make it healthier. First, we did away with the junk food that she kept in almost every part of her college room. Out went the biscuits, cakes and unhealthy cola drinks. In came the apples, carrots and brown bread!

Being a lazy bum, Linda acknowledged that she had to add a bit more activity in her daily life. At this point, her mother also desperately wanted to shed off a bit of weight because of her concern about Linda's health. She went on a window shopping mission and found a treadmill which was affordable. This was promptly shipped to Linda's room.

Linda's mum was very much concerned about her need to lose weight and scheduled an appointment with their family doctor to give a medical perspective on the venture. With the figures of her ideal BMI and daily calorific intake, she set upon her journey to becoming leaner, healthier and more self-confident.

It must have been pretty tough to stay on the right track because she would call me sometimes in the middle of the night in need of encouragement. The few times I would pop in for a visit on my way to see my folks, I would find her burning fat away on the treadmill. I noticed that she had become a bit more vivacious and the fat was gradually melting away.

So serious was she about having a more active lifestyle that she returned her vehicle back home! I was actually shocked to learn at one point that she did not give a hoot about the cost of an oil change!

It took her about five months to get used to a routine of exercise and healthy eating. However, the results were breath taking. She blossomed into a young lady, full of life and much beauty. While she would occasionally nibble on chocolate and French fries, Linda always burned the fat out on the treadmill or by walking to different lecture halls.

As you can probably imagine, the cat calls started coming. Guys who had been mean to her even became interested! I loved the way she put them in their place! Only one guy passed the test. It was the young family doctor that had encouraged her through the ordeal and warmed his way into her heart. I have been given the maid of honour's role in their upcoming wedding. I am thinking to manage the best DJ for her marriage. I don't had much idea about the cost and honestly saying, at present I don't have much money in my hand.

However, this has come at a price. There are many beautiful wedding gowns for her new size (8) and she just cannot pick one! Never mind that I have to go with her to every boutique and watch as she disqualifies every dress for the flimsiest of reasons! Huh! The things we have to withstand for the love of our friends!