Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery
Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Recently, people have been speculating about the possible plastic surgery through which Clara Bruni may have gone through. The reason for this suspicion is simple; she has reached her 50s but her face is still younger looking. She is both a singer as well as the wife of the French president, Nicholas Sarkozy.

Her facial appearance proclaims that she has gone through a facial surgery or, at least, rhinoplasty. Another way of guessing the surgical procedure is through seeing her earlier photographs and those that are there in the current newspapers and magazines.


Her facial expressions are more fresh now than they were in the past. Anyway, she has now got a tighter and fuller face with a few wrinkles on it. Experts are of the opinion that she may have used the materials like Botox or the similar type of inject-able materials to get that end. The use of these materials has brought tightness on her face and wrinkles have vanished from there.

Anyhow, Clara Bruni has denied the charges and she says that she has not gone through any surgical procedure as some people are speculating. If she is telling the truth, she must have obtained some unusual favors from nature.


There are chances that Clara has only employed a well-practiced and innovative makeup expert to give her a new look. Anyway, people can see a changed and better shape of her face. Some people are of the view that Clara Bruni has gone through only a little plastic surgery and this surgery has enabled her to keep her good looks alive.

Clara Bruni is quite natural when it comes to her make-up. Being already beautiful, she is pretty sensitive about her face and we can not rule out her intention of having the same looks. Nobody knows about the reality as Clara has not openly admitted the truth of her youthful looks.

The celebrity watchers have noticed dull skin around her body parts whereas her facial skin is tighter gain. Undoubtedly, she has gone through a specific treatment and most probably a surgery and/or rhinoplasty.

Some celebrity watchers are viewing her new looks to be less attractive than they were before. They believe that she has been over Botoxed and has become less attractive than she was before.


Dr. Benham is of the opinion that the celebrity had a "lateral brow lift" along with cheek-fillers. Another doctor from Britain, Dr Alex Karidis, told one year ago that Carla shows "all the classic signs of a devotion to Botox and fillers".

All the above-mentioned changes in Clara's face and her continuity of youth depict that she has gone through a surgery or a type of treatment to make her face wrinkle-free like celebrity.


Therefore, it is pretty hard for her to deny that she has not gone through it. Her face, before and after the surgery, shows the signs of improvement in her youthful looks.